Gracie Greene, LLC is a Social Business working to combat Human Trafficking


People's choices of what to buy and wear have the power to change the world.

S H O P  N O W

Luxury Cowhide

Away for the weekend or around town with our Breckenridge bags?  Our luxury, one of a kind bags are timeless and elegant. The hides are ethically sourced and will serve you well for years to come.

Pretty In Pink

Burlap Plus

Leather bucket bag is lined in plush pink suede, includes a pink leather wristlet! 


Compliments any outfit---make an impression!

Burlap coffee bean bags collected from around the world are used as the principal design element for these unique bags.

Our signature bags help to raise awareness of  human trafficking, one of the most critical human rights violations occurring today, in every US state and overseas.

Around the World

This burlap has traveled the world and you can do the same with these bags!  Dreaming about a safari in Kenya? 

Our bags are large enough for your laptop, neck pillow and passport.

(No trouble fitting in the overhead)

Gracie Greene LLC

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