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Gracie Greene Bags

"Empower Change with Your Purchase: Support the Zahn School and CIF Orphanage to Provide Education and Protection for Children in Cambodia. Your contribution helps safeguard these young minds from the threat of human trafficking, offering them a lifeline to a brighter future."

"The Giving "Three" Foundation is dedicated to transforming the lives of children worldwide, guiding them from oppression to opportunity through education. Proceeds from Gracie Greene sales contribute to our mission, supporting the Zahn School and addressing the needs of students and children under the care of Children in Families (CIF). As these young minds overcome traumas and prepare for a forever home, we aim to create a self-sustaining income for our mission, reducing reliance on constant fundraisers.

The Zahn School in Cambodia


One of a kind

Wearable Art

Student's Original Artwork

"Our choices of what to buy
and wear have the power to
change the world"
Wearable Art Elephant  Gracie Greene

Tuk Tuk Totes feature unique designs created by the talented students of the Zahn School.

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