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All donations are appreciated


The following breakdown shows examples of what your

donations can buy:


$10      Provide 6 children with school supply kits for the school year

$20      Provide 2 children with textbooks for the school year

$30      Provide a white board for the classroom

$50      Provide 5 children with textbooks for the school year

$80      Provide sport equipment for a school

$100    Provide CDs or recordings for English instruction

$200    Provide books for classroom bookcase

$300    Provide 2 water filters

$550    Provide internet connection for 1 year

$1100  Provide 2 new Dell computers

$2750  Provide english/computer teacher salary for 1 yr

$5900  Provide school nurse salary for 1 year (physicals, health

education, reduction of student malnutrition)

*Please feel free to donate any amount you feel comfortable making.  All contributions are welcomed.