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Honor someone special with your Donation: giving a meaningful Gift

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All donations are appreciated


The following breakdown shows examples of how your

donations can support the children inThe Zahn School, helping to keep the children from being trafficked.

These are some of the costs to support the children and the school: 


$50      School supplies for one child for 1 year

$150     Transportation for class day trip

$150     Sports equiptment for 1 year

$300    Electricity for 1 year

$400     Mobile Internet for 1 year

$900    1/4 of the teacher's salary for 1 year

$3,600 Teacher's full salary for 1 year

Donations in any amount are welcome just select the lower Donate Button


School Supplies

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Class Trip

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Sports Equiptment

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Make a Difference in a Child's Life
Honor a loved one, a friend or a colleague with a meaningful  gift to "The Giving Three"
for the Zahn School

Fill out the Honor & Memorial Information above to provide a meaningful holiday gift  in the name of a loved one or friend.

An announcement will be sent.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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