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School Supplies


Class Trip


Sports Equiptment



The following breakdown shows examples of how your donations can support the children in The Zahn School, helping to keep the children from being trafficked.

These are some of the costs to support the children and the school: 

$50      School supplies for one child for 1 year

$150     Transportation for class day trip

$150     Sports equipment for 1 year

$300    Electricity for 1 year

$400     Mobile Internet for 1 year

$900    1/4 of the teacher's salary for 1 year

$3,600 Teacher's full salary for 1 year

Donations in any amount are welcome just select the Donate Button









Honor someone special with your Donation:
giving a meaningful Gift


1)  The Giving "Three" Foundation's mission is to help educate children around the world taking them from oppression to Opportunity. To fund this mission proceeds from Gracie Greene sales are donated to The Giving "Three" Foundation which support the Zahn School and needs of the students. Our goal is to create a self- sustaining income for the school instead of constantly relying on fundraisers.

We believe that educating and empowering girls will help them stand up to injustices.  People who complain that education is too expensive should calculate the expense of not educating children and the negative impact on the GNP. 2   World Assistance for Cambodia
              2 Half the Sky, Nicholas D. Kristof; Sheryl WuDunn (2009)


2)  The Giving Three Foundation is also working with Children in Families (CIF) is a local Cambodian NGO, registered with the Ministry of the Interior since 2009, dedicated to providing high-quality family-based care for orphans and vulnerable children in Cambodia. 


CIF advocates locally, and globally, for the belief that the best place for a child to grow up is in a loving family.

At CIF, we provide three streams of family care programming: short-term Emergency CareKinship Care and Foster Care.  


The Zahn School


The Giving "Three" Foundation is dedicated to helping educate children in Cambodia and around the world as a way to protect them from becoming victims of human trafficking. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds thereby giving these children a chance at life.We at The Giving "Three" Foundation are convinced that education is the most effective way to fight poverty, modern day slavery and fertility.


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Make a Difference in a Child's Life
Honor a loved one, a friend or a colleague with a meaningful  gift to "The Giving Three"
for the Zahn School

Fill out the Honor & Memorial Information above to provide a meaningful holiday gift  in the name of a loved one or friend.

An announcement will be sent.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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