Eav Sreynuch: A Human Interest Story



Waking up early in the morning, Eav Sreynuch does not seem too different than High School students who wake up before the sun, get ready for school, catch the bus, and make it to Homeroom.


However, Eav Sreynuch isn’t in High School. And she doesn’t just get ready for classes by brushing her teeth…and she definitely doesn’t take the bus to school. At 5:00 am, you will find Eav cleaning her home, reading and reviewing her homework, and only then proceeding to walk to school, which is 20 minutes away. She is 11 years old, a fourth grader in The Zahn School. Undeniably dedicated, she also is the top student of her class of 48.


Yet, in Cambodia, education competes to be a priority. Eav spends a major part of her day helping her mother sell fish at a local market, as that is the mode of income on which Eav’s family subsists.



Farming and selling her produce, however, isn’t Eav’s dream. This bright-eyed, bold, and brilliant girl wants to be a doctor one day. And while standing in those markets, assisting her mother, Eav can only rely on the rare gem that is an education to break the cycle of poverty many children must adhere to in Cambodia—the same cycle that prevents them from pursuing anything else but the trade of their parents. The same cycle that The Giving “Three” Foundation wants to break, given your help, and, in every way cherished, support.  www.graciegreene.com #human trafficking



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August 15, 2017

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