Join Us For Our First Annual 

Human Trafficking Awareness &
Homelessness in Newark Fundraiser!!


Project KIND 123 creates opportunities and builds support systems for those experiencing homelessness. We believe in strengthening our community through kindness and helping those who are in need to achieve their goals.

Through our mobile street outreach team, we provide food, needed items, mentoring, emergency/temporary housing, information, referrals to assisted programs, encouragement and support.

The Giving "Three" Foundation is dedicated to helping educate children in Cambodia and around the world as a way to protect them from becoming victims of human trafficking. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds thereby giving these children a chance at life. We at The Giving "Three" Foundation are convinced that education is the most effective way to fight poverty, modern day slavery, and fertility.

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So Happy to Share the News!

With all your support in 2016, we were able to purchase three new computers for the children
in Cambodia. Gracie Greene just received 
a note from the Cambodia.
The teachers have reported:

"How happy they are, most of them never
seen the computer. They really want to see 
and learn a new technology."

Thank you all for helping these children.
You have made a difference in their lives.

                                       - Gracie Greene

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